How MQA Is Delivering Studio-Quality Sound In The Digital Audio Era
September 09, 2017 09:51AM
In the innovative history of recorded sound, a strange and rather disappointing trend emerged in the era of digital audio: despite the convenience, the quality of the sound got worse. To longtime audio engineer and equipment pro Bob Stuart — and legions of audiophiles — the sound was full of compromises.

“People never asked for lower quality, it just happened,” Stuart said. “Why shouldn’t we have the best quality, given that we have the technology to bring the actual sound of the studio, and not some dumbed-down facsimile of it?”

That’s why Stuart, who rose to prominence as co-founder of audio electronics manufacturer Meridian Audio, founded MQA, a company that uses a specialized technology to deliver studio-quality sound in digital files small enough to be streamed.

The company has partnerships with a growing list of companies to make MQA-enabled devices. It's also available to consumers via Tidal, where versions of songs treated with MQA are found in the Masters section for HiFi tier subscribers.

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Re: How MQA Is Delivering Studio-Quality Sound In The Digital Audio Era
September 10, 2017 10:00PM
This one is quite funny. A spam post that contained a goofy link wrapped into a relevant topic about MQA. I decided to leave the post here (with the link removed), because MQA actually is a quite interesting topic. Interestingly enough, we have been in touch with the MQA people and working on the MQA implementation on the FPGA platform. We are not quite there yet, but hopefully soon enough we should be able to offer MQA integration services on multiple platforms (at least XMOS and FPGA).
Any question, please ask.

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