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Multi channel DAC w/ volume control

Posted by Miko71 
Multi channel DAC w/ volume control
November 13, 2016 12:53AM

Has anyone tried a stack of DAC's for multi channel? Will Audiopraise develop one? I think that would be a great idea. I'm considering buying another Tascam DA-3000 to at least try out 4 channels.

Re: Multi channel DAC w/ volume control
November 13, 2016 01:49PM
Hi Miko71,
I believe that quite a few people are using multiple PSAudio DS with volume sync for multi channel. Stacking multiple stereo DACs is not very common, alternatively one can try multi channel pro-audio DACs.
Re: Multi channel DAC w/ volume control
November 13, 2016 01:57PM
It's not very common because it's expensive!! Can you imagine spending $24K on four brand new PS Audio DAC's?
That's why I was asking if you guys have thought of a multi channel DAC.

It would need a volume control and SPDIF inputs with balanced or single ended outputs. I've been looking around and the pro stuff either has weird connections or really cheap type brands. My Tascam is nice enough, but it lacks volume control.

I am enjoying my Vanity HD very much. It works perfectly and I am very happy. Great product guys!!

Thank you,
Re: Multi channel DAC w/ volume control
January 03, 2017 05:51PM
I am also considering trying to stack 3 stereo dacs to create a multichannel system with the Oppo and the Vanity 103HD.
I use JRiver. Is there a Vanity driver that JRiver will recognize in order to employ all the JRiver DSP functions?
Will Dirac mch work?
thanks, best wishes and Happy New Year
Re: Multi channel DAC w/ volume control
January 04, 2017 09:04AM
Hi jjk,
JRiver is a computer music player, I cannot see a way how to connect it to the OPPO or the VanityHD. The VanityHD replaces the player's analogue outputs with digital ones and that's it. It doesn't not provide any additional connectivity with a computer. Unless you want to feed the multi channel digital audio into a computer via multi channel sound card, do sw room processing and output it in analogue or digital way to your audio system. Some people do it this way, but I have not much knowledge of used PC hardware and software.
Can you please clarify your question?
Happy New Year to you as well!
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