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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Posted by John_k 
Amazon Fire TV Stick
September 29, 2015 12:41AM
Just took delivery one of them and as no spare HDMI on the TV, connected to the front HDMI socket of the Oppo and drew power from the USB port next to it. I then found that when there was a 5.1 stream, I could only here background sounds and vocals were inaudible. The AFS has minimal sound settings and no stereo option. I was able to hear the voices when using the Oppo's own coax output so can only assume there is a compatibility issue with the Vanity board. Not an important issue as can either obtain stereo sound from either the Oppo's own coax out and feed it to the DAC's AES/EBU input or use the TV's optical out that is connected to the DAC anyway. As the SQ isn't brilliant anyway, this is more of a nuisance but someone may find this info of some use.
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