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Clock modules for sale

Posted by AP 
Clock modules for sale
July 04, 2012 10:24AM
We offer 5 units of our custom clock module. It is an excess production from a commercial order.

The clock module is based on our custom third-overtone low jitter crystals with frequency fixed to 22.5792MHz +-3ppm (512x44.1kHz) . The fundamental frequency is accessible on a solderable coax terminal (SMB compatible) and 10 pin IDC connector together with frequencies divided by 2 (11.2896MHz) and 4 (5.6448MHz), signaling at 3.3V TTL levels.

The module can be powered from 8-12V power supply via 3.5mm screw terminal. The oscillator and output circuits have dedicated discrete low noise regulators. The unit is thermally and EMI sealed.

The price is 65 Eur per unit or best offer. Please use our standard contact address to place an offer.

Photos of the board and the complete unit are available in following links:

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Re: Clock modules for sale
December 20, 2012 01:41PM
Last two units available.
Re: Clock modules for sale
May 01, 2022 09:43AM
Hi There,

I’m new here but is it also possible to place a vanity board in a external Parasound Dolby / Digital / DTS decoder with build in Dac’s?
I have a very rare model the Parasound PDD1550 at home with allot space in the decoder,
I want to modify this decoder with 5.1 Digital outputs to connect 3 stereo high-end dac’s to level up the audio signal.
Can somebody help me what the possibilities are?
I have also a detailed schedule from this decoder at home,

Best regards:
Martin Senders
open | download - PDD1550 Dolby en DTS decoder schema.pdf (148.8 KB)
open | download - pdd1550 decoder manual.pdf (58 KB)
Re: Clock modules for sale
June 22, 2022 02:23PM
Hi Martin,
Sorry, I overlooked your post!
I am afraid we don't have any digital audio module that you could embed into the Parasound decoder at the moment. Long time ago we had something quite universal, but since the range of modules for the OPPO players there hasn't been any reason to keep it alive.
May I ask what use it would be for the stand-alone decoder if most of the players/streamers in the market can decode Dolby formats?
Best Regards,
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