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VanityPRO Introduction

Posted by AP 
VanityPRO Introduction
October 11, 2021 09:58PM
Hello everyone,
You might have been wondering why there isn't much happening around here. Well, we have been a bit busy with something that hopefully is worth the extra patience. It is basically a wrap up of the whole Vanity series, but this time not as a module for someone else's player, but as a stand-alone box with HDMI connectivity. Please welcome the VanityPRO:

It does everything the previous Vanity modules excelled in, plus a lot more! It is an audiophile HDMI audio extractor that turns virtually any compatible HDMI source into a high-quality, up to eight-channel digital audio transport which supports PCM and DSD audio formats.

 • HDMI 2.0a input and output.
 • Up to 8-channel 192kHz/24bit PCM and 6-channel DSD64 audio extraction.
 • Custom high quality DSD to PCM conversion.
 • Advanced jitter attenuation.
 • DSD to DoP encoding.
 • HDMI Audio status monitoring.
 • Multiple options of multi-channel or stereo digital audio outputs. All major formats.
 • Synchronization clock outputs.

If you remember how non-trivial was to convert the standard version of any of the previous Vanity modules with SPDIF outputs to AES/EBU compatible outputs, I am sure you will like the idea of swappable output modules optimized for either stereo or multi-channel operation with all the connectors you may require - 4 options to choose from!

The full set of connectors for stereo:

And example of the output board for multi-channel with AES/EBU over XLRs:

The other two connector options for multi-channel are RCAs and BNCs.

There is a lot more to learn about the new VanityPRO. All the details and specifications are available on our website:

You can also go to the product landing page at JVB Digital at their OPPO Store:

Please feel free to discuss the new product in the Support section of this forum.

Best Regards,

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Re: VanityPRO Introduction
October 28, 2021 10:01PM
I am big fan. I have 3 Vanities! Thanks for your efforts! Worth every penny!

Would this be considered an upgrade from the 203 Vanity?
Has this been tested with FireStick, Apple TV, BD Players? Do all popular HDMI devices decode to PCM?
Can we get measurements? Like SINAD, Distortion, etc?
Will there be Routing abilities? As a work around to downmix to 5.1 on 7.1 sources. I googled that routing is not a great approach to downmixing. But maybe better than nothing?
Re: VanityPRO Introduction
October 29, 2021 11:02PM
Hi Captain,
Thanks for that. Upgrade from the V203? It depends. The core functionality is very similar. It is the separate power supply and overall flexibility of the HDMI connectivity. As long as you UDP is operational you should be fine. :-)
We have tested the VanityPRO with multiple BD players (OPPO, SONY, Panasonic) without any issues. Fire Stick as well. PCs (Dell, Microsoft) were sometimes a bit hesitant due to Windows driver issues, not supporting all sampling rates and formats. In general, the HDMI compatibility should be pretty good.
Measurements, well, there are spectrum plots of the DSD test signals converted to 176.4kHz PCM on the website, otherwise any other measurement would be meaningless since the signal path is bit accurate.
Routing abilities, can you please elaborate? Apart from the DSD4.0 downmix, there is no multichannel processing implemented. What comes in, goes out. Due to the platform programmability we are happy to take input from the users and add new features via firmware updates. Any more questions, please ask.
Best Regards,
Re: VanityPRO Introduction
June 09, 2022 06:23PM
High there.
I cannot do firmware update. The VanityPro is locked on the screen : Device Status.
It says HDMI Error. Reboot the Device.

how to reboot if not unpluging audio power supply ?
Re: VanityPRO Introduction
June 09, 2022 06:54PM
Hi Ecess,
I have replied to your PM.
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