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Vanity 103 found in the wild

Posted by VolumetricSteve 
Vanity 103 found in the wild
November 10, 2020 02:47AM
I recently purchased a BDP-103 on ebay, and I'm starting to suspect something fishy was going on with it.
I got it for $300 which is a good price for a BDP-103 by most measures, but to my utter bewilderment, I found an AudioPraise Vanity 103 in it.

I don't know nearly enough about S/PDIF to use this device as intended, but I am very curious - how does one set up a sound system that uses 4 S/PDIFs to create 7.1 audio without there being cables all over the place? I haven't been able to find a good solution.

On a related note, what are these things worth? I saw a player going for 1200 EUR....the mind reels.

Re: Vanity 103 found in the wild
November 21, 2020 09:28PM
Hi Steve,
That's quite unusual discovery! Please read through this forum, there should be enough information how VanityHD users build their multichannel systems. The board is good for stereo as well. You only need a decent external DAC to convert audio from SPDIF to analogue and you are good to go. I guess you shouldn't have troubles selling the card if you decide to do so, but in that case you will most likely need the original analogue output board. I would suggest to contact the seller if he still has the original board. The original selling price of the board was 725EUR. How much is it worth now? Hard to say, might be more, might be less than the original price. Your best bet is some dedicated hi-fi or home-cinema forums.
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