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VinylStudio PRO

Posted by AP 
VinylStudio PRO
November 14, 2023 01:28PM
We have made an interesting contact with AlpineSoft, based in the UK, who are the creators of a tool called VinylStudio. The tool was originally designed to make recordings of old analogue sources such as tapes and vinyl, but after they added support for DSD and DoP recordings it has become something very unique. I am not aware of any other piece of software that would allow for live DoP decoding from an external source. This way, you can make a recording of DoP source signal in native DSD file format (dsdiff) for archiving with live monitoring, as you can listen to decoded DoP and converted to PCM as well.

This is something that would be applicable to VanityPRO in DoP mode, with either a sound card featuring a digital input rated 176.4kHz or the USB output module for direct connection to a PC, or even the older Vanity203 modules for OPPO.

Below you can see a screenshot of the OPPO player playing back a DSD file via the VanityPRO, which does DoP encoding and the output signal sent to a PC via ESI Juli@ soundcard. Overlaid windows are the soundcard input mixer and the VinylStudioPRO monitoring.

Hope someone will find it useful!
Best Regards,

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