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Oppo BDP-93 firmware

Posted by AP 
Oppo BDP-93 firmware
March 16, 2012 10:03AM
Hello all,
As you may already know, the latest BDP-93 firmware disables the capability to play ISO files. Seeing that various features (although officially not documented or announced) can not only be added but also removed (for whatever reasons) from one firmware version to another, I'd kindly suggest to be careful with the automatic firmware updates. It is very unlikely that the digital playback capability with the Vanity93 module will be affected by future firmware releases. On the other hand, a raw DSD playback is theoretically an easily removable feature which doesn't alter the player's functionality, but "only" degrades the output signal quality. Disabling the automatic firmware updates and careful study of a release notes is recommended prior to a firmware update. This recommendation is supported by the fact that the player doesn't allow the user to flash an older firmware. Once the latest one is flashed, there is no way back.

You can share your opinions and experiences in this thread.

Best Regards,
Re: Oppo BDP-93 firmware
January 10, 2013 03:42PM

Could you specify which was the last firmware version valid to play ISO files?
Re: Oppo BDP-93 firmware
January 10, 2013 09:26PM
Hi Gadgety,
Here you can find all information about firmwares and their change logs. The latest fw version with iso support is BDP9x-61-1219.


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