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Vanity93 Lite with Trinnov MC8 Optimizer

Posted by baritone 
Vanity93 Lite with Trinnov MC8 Optimizer
April 06, 2013 11:56AM
Hello There,

I would just like to thank Pavel for his Vanity93 Lite board.
The delivery was very quick and very good ,friendly, helpful communications with Pavel.

The replacement board took about 5-10 minutes to fit into the oppo 93 ,thanks to Pavels step by step guide.

I am using a Trinnov MC8 optimiser, which is an audio multichannel processor with built in room correction and this feeds my 8 channel power amplifiers to my PMC speakers+ sub.
The Vanity93's 4 phono digital outputs connect to the Trinnov via DB25 connectors, the latter cable, because not readily available, was specially made.

Setting up the oppo was straight forward, the volume control was done with the Trinnov,because the vanity mod nullifies the oppo volume control, but the rest of the oppo speaker configuration can still be used if you want to or it can be done in your processor.

I have only had the board fitted a few hours and am still messing with it ,but it is sounding very good, noise free, clear ,precise well worth the money.

Thank you Pavel.

Kind Regards......Alan
Re: Vanity93 Lite with Trinnov MC8 Optimizer
April 25, 2013 09:00PM
Hi Alan,
Many thanks for your feedback.
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