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vanity93 or lite

Posted by studer26 
vanity93 or lite
December 15, 2012 02:46AM
How do you do, I am ordinary Japanese buyers.
vaniy93lite has interest.
vanity93lite is order ending yesterday at JVB Digital.
Since I am an amateur, I ask a question.
I use it only for DTS-HD with Dolby TrueHD of Blu-Ray.

1. Is D/A-> A/D Conversion of this Board Carried Out, and is it Outputted inside?

2. Although it is Used Only for DTS-HD with Dolby TrueHD of Blu-Ray, is Direction of Vaniy93 High-quality Sound?

I am sorry to be poor at English.
Re: vanity93 or lite
December 15, 2012 03:27PM
Hi studer26,
Greetings to Japan. Thanks for your interest and questions.
1) There is no A/D or D/A performed on the Vanity93 or Lite board. The signal path is completely digital. The board gets audio data directly form the player chipset and sends them out via S/PDIF.
2) Although you don't listen to SACDs you may still benefit from the reclocking system of the Vanity93 for PCM data (DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, etc) as well. It depends on jitter susceptibility of you D/A system, but generally the Vanity93 sounds better than the Lite.

Best Regards,
Re: vanity93 or lite
December 16, 2012 02:56PM
Thank you, Pavel

1) It is very good.
I desired it.
It was searching! Thank you!

2) If lite arrives, it tries.
If it is a good result, direct buying of vanity93 is carried out.
Well. smiling smiley

I have DENON AVP-A1AD and Meridian861 V4.
HDMI is DENON and it has decoded it.

vanity93 lite+Mridian861 vs DENON AVP-A1AD.
The former decoding is an inside of oppo93...... It is worrisome.
I compare two.

vanity93 is seldom still known by audiophile of Japan.
The good result is expected.

I want me for vanity93lite to arrive early.

Thank you.
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