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Posted by Duncati 
November 12, 2012 03:20PM
I thought I would post some feedback on the Audiopraise forum having installed one of the Vanity93 modules just over two weeks ago.

This is a fantastic product and I am overwhelmed by how much more transparent it is compared with all other SACD/ DVD Audio/ CD/ Blu-ray etc. sources I have been using. Imagery is much more precise, high frequencies cleaner and less fatiguing and bass definition and instrument separation significantly improved (particularly in the last case when compared to sources converted to a analogue output).

My reference sources include a dcs Verdi/Purcell/Verona stack for CD and SACD (which unfortunately has to downsample SACD to 44.1 KHz before upsampling again) connected to a Tact Theatre Correction System MkIII by AES/EBU, Denon DVD A1-UD using HDMI or multi-channel analogue feeds and Oppo BDP-95, also using HDMI or multi-channel analogue feeds. I also still have an old Arcam CV-139 DVD/CD player connected using S/PDIF or analogue outputs.

The Oppo 93 fitted with the Vanity93 module has effectively made all my other source components redundant, as it outperforms all of them in almost all areas - whether it be on 2 channel SACD or CD (where my previous reference was the dcs stack), Multi-channel SACD or DVD Audio (where my previous reference was the Denon using either analogue or HDMI feed), or Blu-ray (previous reference being mu Oppo 95 using analogue outputs).

Overall, I have been extremely impressed with all aspects of this Vanity93 upgrade, including the clear and easy to follow fitting instructions and the speed of response and level of support provided by Pavel through the ordering and installation process.
Re: Vanity93
November 15, 2012 06:42PM
Dear Duncati,
Thank you for your feedback, we are happy that you are satisfied with the product.

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