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Posted by jhmkoop 
December 17, 2012 07:54PM
Is there any chance of a vanity module for the BDP-105
in the (near) future?


Re: BDP-105
January 08, 2013 07:04AM
It makes sense to me because you would then have the Vanity board feed by the linear power supply of the Oppo. Then there would be less need for something like Dr. Lee's power supply.
Re: BDP-105
January 10, 2013 11:03PM
Implementing the Vanity module into BDP-105 should be feasible. Once we have BDP-103 or 105 (they share the same mainboard) on the desk we can tailor the firmware for this player family.

Best regard
Re: BDP-105
January 11, 2013 05:32AM
Why don't you design an external vanity module.Could be connected to every player with HDMI.
Re: BDP-105
January 11, 2013 08:57PM
The question is do we need a Vanity board. JVB offer modification without Vanity board: [www.jvbdigital.nl]
Re: BDP-105
January 12, 2013 05:48PM
Hi Albert,
An external module with HDMI input and SPDIF outputs is a great idea and technically easy to make. In fact, we already have the HDMI interface as well as the the FIFO buffering implemented in our DAC already (will be announced soon). IMHO such a solution would not be justifiable against the HDMI licensing. Should you wish to discuss a different interpretation of this issue, please start a topic in the General talk section of this forum.
Thanks, Pavel
Re: BDP-105
January 12, 2013 05:59PM
Hi kamenoff,
I think that both Vanity and the JVB solution offer different features in terms of signal processing, number of channels and price. Please feel free to pick the solution that better fits your needs.

Re: BDP-105
January 14, 2013 11:35PM
Please see the topic "The Vanity module for BDP-103: Demand survey" under "General Discussion" -> "News & Announcements".

Re: BDP-105
February 03, 2013 04:12PM
kamenoff Wrote:
> The question is do we need a Vanity board. JVB
> offer modification without Vanity board:
> [www.jvbdigital.nl]
> age=title&title=876

The Vanity board look to be of superior build than the original JVB board, much more so.
Re: BDP-105
June 30, 2014 04:55PM
Hello Pavel,

My name is Dave and I am new to this board. I currently have a McCormack UDP-1 Deluxe (which I use for 2-channel only and really sounds wonderful, but is ~10-year-old digital technology) for my collection of >1200 CDs, DVD-As and SACDs. But instead of going the audio server route, I am exploring whether there is a device such as an Oppo 105 that could be used as a transport with an external DSD dac (I am also considering an Exasound dac). In another part of the forum, you previously stated that the system board in a 103 was the same as a system board in a 105, but with different firmware. Because of this, I was wondering if you are able to add a Vanity103HD to an Oppo 105? I would also go with the optional firmware with selectable SACD playback in DoP mode since I would be trying to replace my UDP-1. Thank you in advance for thoughts. BTW, I found this blog entry very interesting re: upgrading the power supply of a 103 vs. a 105:



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Re: BDP-105
July 02, 2014 11:52AM
Hi Dave,
Welcome to our forum and thank you for your interest. We got a few requests to make a module for the BDP-105 as well, but I am sorry to say that we don't plan to make one due to economical inefficiency of doing so. The BDP-103 and BDP-105 are identical in terms of audio and video playback capabilities (the same applies to D versions). The "only" difference is USB input and analogue audio board (expensive DACs). You pay 35-40% more for BDP-105 just because of higher quality analogue audio board that you would throw away if you were to replace it with a digital output board like the Vanity. Unless you really need USB input (which can be replaced with an external USB interface), it would make much more sense to sell your BDP-105 (if you already have one) and get BDP-103 with the Vanity103 board. Unfortunately the Vanity103 boards wont fit physically into BDP-105 without crude mechanical modification of the back panel and internal cabling.

Re: BDP-105
January 26, 2016 06:47PM
(removed because redundant)

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