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Vanity module - user feedback

Posted by AP 
Vanity module - user feedback
January 14, 2012 11:50PM
Hello all,
below you can find some more experiences from users of the Vanity module. They will be added gradually. I'd like to also thank to all customers for their reviews and other contributions to this forum.

I collected the unit yesterday and have just put it into the system. I bought a few new SACD discs today, no DVD-A as yet but some are on order. The Pioneer 656, fitted with the Vanity module, sounds fantastic on SACD. Far better than standard CD. Such a pity that the big manufacturers were stopping end users accessing the full quality of the new SACD and DVD-A media.

On standard red-book CD, your unit outputs at 88.1kHz. The Lyngdorf CD-1 upsamples to 96 or 192 Khz (I usually keep to 96 kHz). On standard CD's the sound quality is very evenly matched when comparing your unit and the Lyngdorf CD-1. I can also send signal, in the analogue domain, from the Pioneer 656 into the analogue to digital converter in the TACT RCS 2.2x. But the sound quality keeping everything in the digital domain as 176kHz SACD is far, far better.

.... thought you may be curious to see how your unit is being used. A mix of TACT (made in USA) and Lyngdorf (Denmark) equipment. And 300B single ended triode tube amps, which were custom made for me by an audio engineer in England. Speakers are Quad 989 electrostatic, with Murata supertweeters (Japan) and 2 x TACT subwoofers. The crossover between the subwoofers (driven by a TACT digital amp) and main speakers (driven by tube amps) is handled in the digital domain by the TACT - essentially an active crossover.

Thank you very much for all your work to source the Pioneer player and subsequent installation of the Vanity module and despatch. I really appreciate all your care and frequent communications during this purchase.

Pramod, UK

"i got everything to work together and i'm floored! sound is just GREAT, also when using the 656 for direct playback, not only for ripping. (at the moment i'm listening to "morph the cat" in hi-rez. tremendous bass and nice midrange/highs...)
thanks again for the super service!
Christian, Switzerland

"I received the Player yesterday in perfect condition. It works great, I am starting now to copy my SACDs to the Computer. ..... Many thanks for your great work - I am very happy with the machine."
Urs, Switzerland

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