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Vanity Module

Posted by Andrew 
Vanity Module
January 08, 2012 11:44PM
Hi All,
> Loving the Vanity module I purchased a couple of years ago. Until I heard SACD's and DVD-Audio through your vanity module I had never really heard them at all. The difference is quite illuminating. Before I purchased the vanity module I had a hard time listening to SACD's they always had a mechanical sound to me and were a bit off putting to my ears. Now they are very pleasing. It's my plan to always own a transport with your vanity module installed. A current list of the best models to send in for upgrades would be very helpful. I know the unit I'm now using is no longer made by Pioneer. To me your Vanity module is a missing link to hearing high definition digital done right and when paired with a quality dac you'll find yourself in musical heaven. I highly recommend the Vanity module to anyone who enjoys SACD's and DVD-A's and desires to get the best sound quality out of there collection. I see the Vanity module as a must have upgrade for anyone who wants to hear high defintion digital done right. If I ever start listening to surround sound or decide to build a home theatre I'll be wanting the multi channel Vanity unit as well.

Is there anyone making these upgrades in the U.S.?

Thank you all.
Andrew Carey
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