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Pops and Clicks during HDMI negotiation

Posted by jamieb 
Pops and Clicks during HDMI negotiation
January 25, 2019 07:52PM
I'm getting very load pops and clicks when changing source on the oppo, or on things attached to the oppo. Other users (with or without Vanity HD) are experiencing the same issue. I doubt there's much that could be done on the VanityHD, or if there was it'd be a hardware change, but thought I'd ask here anyway.

The problem occurs when going from BD input to HDMI-In input, and, with a Roku attached to HDMI-In (another user reports same with an Apple TV 4k), it also happens moving from tile to tile in the Netflix app, or when starting movies in Prime Video. Our amateur sleuthing thinks its when the source changes audio type, e.g. from stereo to 5.1, or 5.1 DTS to 7.1.

Is there anyway to silence the VanityHD during this negotiation? Would putting it in variable volume allow a signal from the oppo to silence it?
Re: Pops and Clicks during HDMI negotiation
January 28, 2019 06:07PM
Hi jamieb,
Interesting question. I assume you are talking specifically about UDP-203. I have been using BDP-103 with loads of various HDMI devices with absolutely no issues in terms of pops and clicks when changing HDMI sources. My UDP-203 is a secondary unit at the moment with no HDMI devices attached. I will surely try it later.

In theory the pops and click should go away if you turn the OPPO's volume down. The volume is adjusted by the DAC chip, so should there be any rubbish in the digital data the volume control should be able to attenuate it. The trouble is that the there might be multiple origins of these artifacts, not only rubbish data. You can have various combinations of audio bus and control lines, especially when changing PCM and DSD modes when some of the lines are shared, producing loud annoying sounds. The mute signal from the OPPO controller doesn't seem to always have the right timing to be able to get rid of them. We also reported some mute timing issues directly to OPPO, but with no response.

If you are lucky and the clicks go away with OPPO's volume turned to 0 (mute button should do the same job) then I guess enabling the volume on the VanityHD will solve the problem. If you use semi-automated remote control sequences to set the HDMI inputs you just needs to add extra mute and unmute steps. Please let us know the results.

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