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Vanity203HD Real-World Setups

Posted by AP 
Vanity203HD Real-World Setups
December 03, 2018 01:31PM
Hi all,
JVB have put together a list of setups with Vanity203HD from their customers. We will keep updating the list so everyone can see all the different configurations the VanityHD boards can work with. If you wish to have your setup listed, please feel free to send me a PM or email.

Vanity203HD Real-World Setups

Vanity203HD AES connected via custom RCA to XLR cables to Genelec 9301A AES/EBU Multichannel Interface. The 9301A feeds 5 active Genelec speakers (8341 and 8331) and a SAM subwoofer (7350A). The Genelec speakers have a build in DAC and take the digital AES input directly. The Genelec is used for room correction and a bass management solution.

Vanity203HD 4x S/PDIF output connected to the 4x S/PDIF multi-channel digital optional input of a TacT Audio Theatre Control Unit Mk III (prototype version). The TacT feeds a series of Lyngdorf digital amplifiers, controlling them via the RS23. Plus a pair of Krell mono blocks driving passive subs and fed by conventional analogue XLR outputs on the TacT TCS Mk III.

Vanity203HD to 14x TacT 2150 amplifiers. Plus 2x TacT room correction processors. One TacT amplifier converts the LFE channel to analog. All other channels remain in the digital domain until the speakers.

Vanity203HD to Gustard x20 pro DAC. A Krell HTS preamplifier feeds the Bryston 9B SST Amplifier.

Vanity203HD AES connected to Trinnov MC (TAC version) with 8 analog and 24 digital I/O via custom made DB25 cable (using Tascam Input standard).

Vanity103HD connected to the PS Audio Directstream. Octave Audio HP 700 pre amp feeds the DartZel NHP-108 amplifier. Speakers are Quad ESL 2912.

Vanity103HD AES feeds the first group of AES digital inputs on a Trinnov 16 channel MC processor which in turn drives 16 channels of multiple Crown and McIntosh amplifiers.

Vanity203HD connected via I2S to an Okto Dac8 with custom made case and Okto PSU.

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