Feature request: word clock input
April 03, 2016 08:01PM
Would it be possible to get an word clock input to the VanityHD?
Then the vanityHD could be used with a master clock, and total system jitter could be minimised?
Maybe this could be an added feature to future products?
Or maybe it does not make sense? But my dbx4820 and my behringer src2496 has word clock inputs, so it must be useful in some scenarios?

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Re: Feature request: word clock input
April 04, 2016 01:47PM
Hi there,
Unfortunately the word clock input cannot be easily added because it is the OPPO player what dictates the main clocking of the system. What can be easily added is a word clock output, so other downstream devices can be WC synchronized. WC is certainly useful in some scenarios, especially in studios where many devices such as ADCs, DACs, SRCs, mixing consoles, etc can work in the same clock domain. But from the technical perspective the main clock in each device is still PLLd from the WC. May I ask what do you need WC input for in your scenario?
Re: Feature request: word clock input
April 05, 2016 07:44PM
Need is a very strong word smiling smiley I "need" it for my audiophile paranoia smiling smiley
In my system, I connect the VanityHD output to an DBX4820 digital crossover/multichannel-dac.
Would an wc-output on the vanity-hd, connected to the wc-input of the dbx, be any different/better than letting the dbx extract the clock from the aes-ebu signal?
Right now, I let the dbx sample rate convert all input to its internal clock. And I know sample rate conversions degrades the sound.
Re: Feature request: word clock input
April 07, 2016 09:21AM
I see. Well, depending on the WC and SPDIF implementation in your DBX it could have a massive impact as well as none. ASRC never helps the sound (unless the digital input is really crap), so I certainly understand your "need". If there is any other version of the VanityHD board we will definitely consider adding a WC output as it is something relatively easy to do.

Re: Feature request: word clock input
April 07, 2016 07:21PM
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