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93 vs 103

Posted by Mjay71 
93 vs 103
February 11, 2016 04:16PM
Hello. I am hoping someone can tell me if there is a difference in quality of the digital output between the 93 and the 103 using their respective VanityHD boards. Without the boards, the 103 registers lower jitter on the bench than the 93 through s/pdif and analog, but I'm not sure the higher jitter on the 93 is introduced before the vanity board takes the signal, and even then does the vanity's buffering/re clocking produce an identical output signal anyway?

Simply, is the jitter and overall quality of the digital signal identical on the vanity93hd and the vanity103hd. Are the jitter measurements of the respective signals available?

Finally, if the output is identical, are there any advantages to using a 103 over a 93?

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

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Re: 93 vs 103
February 11, 2016 11:29PM
Hi Mjay71,
Both Vanity boards are electrically identical, thus their digital output quality is the same. 103 exhibits slightly lower jitter because of a different clock architecture. You can find more details when you google for Oppo BDP clock upgrades. The reclocking system on the VanityHD board totally isolates the player's clock domain and the output jitter is down to our custom made oscillators.
Re: 93 vs 103
February 11, 2016 11:36PM
Thank you, Pavel. So the output jitter from the vanity board then would be the same from a 93 as from a 103, yes?
Re: 93 vs 103
February 12, 2016 09:54AM
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