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New batch of Vanity103 Lite

Posted by AP 
New batch of Vanity103 Lite
February 19, 2015 10:44AM
Hi all,
After some time of the Lite boards being out of stock we are working on a new manufacturing batch. The Vanity103 Lite module is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to full resolution stereo and multichannel outputs as well as digital SACD playback from the Oppo BDP-103(D). If you wish to make this happen, please follow the link bellow to JVB Digital and express your interest using the pre-ordering form. The expected lead time is approximately 5-6 weeks.

You may notice that the price has increased a little bit since the module was introduced. The price change is not massive and it only covers slightly increased manufacturing costs (all boards manufactured in the EU) and EUR currency depreciation.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to ask here or contact JVB.
Thank you.


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Re: New batch of Vanity103 Lite
March 11, 2015 10:20PM
A quick update.
JVB informed us that after three weeks since opening the pre-ordering form the minimum production quantity hadn't been reached. We agreed to keep it running for another week. If you wish to purchase the Vanity 103 Lite, please tell JVB you want one asap!

Re: New batch of Vanity103 Lite
May 01, 2015 03:50PM
I am not happy to say that, but the minimum production quantity hasn't been reached even after a couple of months and we have to discontinue the Lite board. As a result JVB is offering a time limited discount coupon for the Vanity130HD purchase as a small compensation for any disappointment the Lite unavailability caused.

The coupon is: Powerbuy Vanity HD

Thanks everyone for understanding.

Re: New batch of Vanity103 Lite
May 10, 2015 12:17PM
Hello. I am getting a "not valid" message when trying to apply the coupon. Do you know I'd the offer has expired? Thanks.
Re: New batch of Vanity103 Lite
May 11, 2015 12:11PM
Hello Mjay71,

Unfortunately this was caused by a wrong set filter,
sorry for this, but its confimed to be OK now.
Can you please check ?



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