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New PS Audio DS firmware improves VanityHD performance

Posted by AP 
New PS Audio DS firmware improves VanityHD performance
February 07, 2015 09:48PM
Hi all,
Good news for everyone with the VanityHD board feeding the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. Just got an announcement from Ted Smith (DS designer):

I just wanted to let you know that the next release of the DirectStream fixes the two annoying problems with using the VanityHD card/Oppo with the DirectStream for multichannel:

I've added a looser clock tracking mode which lets a little more jitter thru when the clock is more than about 100ppm from nominal, but no one will probably ever notice. Now there isn't a pop every once in a while while the Oppo is warming up.

I changed the clock tracking to be more deterministic so that multiple units will stay about 500 time closer in sync than they used to, this should make video syncing more deterministic and should make multiple units track better. The DS doesn't have a sync wire but they should stay pretty close in the short term and keep entirely sunk in the long term.

I also muted the output more aggressively when DSD starts and stops which should get rid of the annoying crap going between DSD and PCM or starting or stopping an SACD. The FPGA version will show as 0.79 in the version screen of the DS and is scheduled for wide release in the next week or so.

This means significantly improved multichannel performance with multiple DS DACs as well as DoP playback. Thank you Ted!

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