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LPS and upgraded clock board

Posted by Mjay71 
LPS and upgraded clock board
March 26, 2023 05:44AM
Hi Pavel and others.

I was wondering if installing a quality linear power supply to a 103 w/Vanity helps the SQ as much as it does with a standard 103, or if using a Vanity board would make those improvements somewhat negligible?

Same question for an improved master clock in the 103 itself. Would the reclocking inside the Vanity board make an improved master clock for the 103 redundant or otherwise unnecessary?

Thanks for your input,
Re: LPS and upgraded clock board
May 02, 2023 10:36PM
Hi Michael,
Sorry for a slower response. Some of the Vanity103 owners reported that the sound has improved even further with the linear PSU mod of the OPPO player. Not by a huge amount, but there difference was definitely noticeable. I have no personal experience, just passing info from others, but I am happy to believe that. If you remove the relatively high power switching PSU with all associated noise and ground contamination it can only make things better.

As for the clock I am a bit skeptical. I haven't heard about anyone replacing the main oscillators on the OPPO mainboard and using the Vanity103 at the same time. Although this would definitelly make a difference in a stock player, I am not so sure about the Vanity103.
Hope it helps.
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