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Vanity93 + Octave Dac

Posted by Happyrabbit 
Vanity93 + Octave Dac
March 13, 2012 05:50AM
Hi !

I have had the Vanity93 installed in BDP-93 for the last 3 weeks... I am using the Octave Dac (R2R Ladder) with Audio Magic Illusion Liquid Air Digital + Mojo Audio Helix PC. My Preamp is a custom DHT 71 from Jeffrey Jackson and the amp is the Magnus MA-200. I finally did a simple comparsion between the Oppo coax and the Vanity93 coax. To be honest, I have avoided the comparsion. I hate being disappointed. I liked the concept of a FIFO reclocker but not sure how much a difference it would make. I really didnt think I would hear a difference. It took @ 5 seconds to realize the difference... Its like someone opened a window. The Oppo Coax sounded good but when connected to the Vanity93, the sound became clean and spacious. At 1st, I didnt believe what I was hearing but after a couple different Cd's, I stopped comparing. I have never given much thought to digital coax. I guess I dont really understand digital transmission but Pavel does. Pavel is the real deal.


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Re: Vanity93 + Octave Dac
March 14, 2012 08:50PM
Hello Dwight,
Thank you for your nice words. I'm glad you are satisfied with our product.

Best Regards,
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