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What is it exactly that is outputted from an SACD players optical output?

Posted by gabrielantonio 

Its not DSD is it? I bought a fancy Japanese SACD of my favourite band (The Stones, Exile on Main St album) and was looking forward to playing it into my Grace 903 a/d converter. But I dont know what the hell format a (cheapish) SACD player outputs! Would the playback of it optically, out from a regular CD player be the same as the optical out of an SACD player? Can I expect some SACD playback benefit? Its been pointed out that there are other Stones albums available in hi resolution files (BUT NOT MY FAVORITE ALBUM ) Its become a hobby endeavour for me to hear this album and other Stones tracks in high resolution.. (before you start in on me, my kids are too small for a record player to be safely set up in this house! So hi high rez files it is!)

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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